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Printed Cotton Drill drum lampshade. OGRÄS is a series of designs which turns the perception of ugliness on its head.

Inspired by Mid Century Scandinavian textiles and tableware, the minimalist line drawings of six commonly found weeds captures their beauty and simplicity in a stunning lampshade which is suitable for any room in your home.


OGRÄS is the Swedish word for weeds, and the set of six includes Dandelion, Bindweed Flower, Ragwort, Pennycress, Fern and Bindweed leaf. 

Dandelion Lampshade

  • 20cm is 19cm high
    30cm is 21.5cm high
    40cm is 25.5cm high

    Cotton Drill drum lampshade
    Polypropylene and metal frame

    All the materials used for the drum lampshades are made in Britain. The lampshades are suitable for ceiling pendants, table or floor lamps.

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